My name is David, and I was born in 1982 and I am a farther of 2.

After my graduation from university in 2004, I worked for a German Company and then became an employee of a US corporation. In my spare time during these years, I tried many ways to make money online. Some of these ways worked however the others did not.

For some certain reasons I quit my daily job and started my own business in 2011. At the very beginning, running my own company was harder than working for my previous employers, and I had to work 70+ hours per week, but the hard work made me to earn far more money from my business. Situations become better these days and I don't need to work all days any more. I finally have free time to start this new site, TheWebWealth.com.

TheWebWealth.com is structured to provide the true information about how to make money for those who want to make money and get their financial freedom. TheWebWealth.com will help you make money from both online and offline in many different ways.

You may make money by set up you own business to sell your own products or services, or you can join Affiliate programs to earn commissions, or you can build a rich-content website and sell your advertisement spaces, or just make some extra money without spending a cent. It's all up to you!

I have been spending more than 10 years surfing from web page to web page and Website to Website, with the purpose to find some way to make money. Here I will share all the things I learned with you, but my suggestion is that you'd better have you own idea and keep your brain calm. To start to make money, just choose the way which is most appropriate for you and don't take all the things at the same time. Try is a good factor to your success, but please do not try without an aim, otherwise, we will just waste our time and money.

Another point I should mention here is you can only make money by doing. Learning is very important to some extend, but please do not stop at learning. You need to take action to get your income stream set up. I am happy that you visit TheWebWealth.com, but I will feel much more happy to know that you can start or extend your business to earn much more money after you get some useful information here.